Industrial wastewater treatment

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Mendeleev University Science Park

Water recycling

Wastewater treatment technologies

Complex solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and reuse


  • Design, building and operating of industrial wastewater treatment plants

  • Water recycling plants engineering

  • Development of water recycling and reuse systems

  • Complex solution for plating industry and metal Finishing companies

  • Development of innovative membrane and flotation technologies for water treatment

  • Development of technologies and equipment for environmental management of water-collecting and water protection areas

  • Environmental monitoring and water management, water resources management systems control

  • Internationally-oriented programs and activities contribute to finding sustainable solutions for the world water crisis

Wastewater treatment plant 3D Model

Transnational Ecological Project was established on the basis of Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia Science Park.

The mission of SCIENCE PARK is a scientific and technical research in contiguity of interests of industry and environment via keeping theoretical significance of scientific research as well as its practical use and as result the achievement of environmentally friendly way of world water industry. We provide scientific research, policy advice and consulting, project management, international training and capacity building programs, technical knowledge application tools - links leading-edge future-oriented thinking to decision-makers and users on the ground.

Transnational Ecological Project official websites:

  • - Mendeleev University Science Park official website. Here You will find different modern innovation technologies and equipment for industrial wastewater treatment.

  • - LV-Engineering Company official website. Here You will find different modern technologies and equipment for electroplating and metal finishing industry.

  • - International Ecological Project official website. Here You will find the information of last achievements in the branch of environmental ecology, water conservation and waste water treatment plant design as well as You will know about our future arrangements.

  • - Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia is among the leaders of Russia's technical universities, and has the highest rating among Russia's chemical technology schools. The University graduates occupy leading positions in the fields of research and production, small and large business, and government authorities. We are proud that over 40 of our graduates have been elected academicians and correspondent members to the USSR Academy of Sciences, and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Modern technologies developed within the machine-building, aviation, and space sectors use the innovative materials worked out by our research staff, which by far exceed the conventional ones. We address the issues of environmental safety, develop low waste, resource and energy efficient technologies, and innovative energy sources.


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